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"Nature and serenity are combined in this wonderful writer's retreat— an inspiring environment to foster creativity and vision for all writers or aspiring writers. We have enjoyed many, delicious meals with Chris and Kit as we discussed the world of publishing together.  In fact, 3 of our 4 current books were born in Oregon while we worked with them. You will feel nurtured by both the wonderful food and the uplifting company of these perfect hosts, who also respect your privacy and need to concentrate on your own creative process.

authors of Sacred Retreat, and the Wisdom From the Stars Trilogy 

"The serenity of Owl Creek is a joy. I immediately felt the peacefulness and coziness of the cabin and my experience there was topped off with beautiful walk to the beside the lake. My time at Owl Creek couldn’t have been more wonderful. Chris was amazing to work with during the cover design and editing of my latest health book and I am extremely grateful for her wisdom and creativity."

— BARBARA KASS,  Health Care Professional, author of several books for 

   health care professionals and women.

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"Owl Creek Cabin is my place to unwind, read, bike, and hike. The cabin is thoroughly charming, well-planned, clean, and comfortable, with delightful details. Chris and Kit are super hosts!

—FRED MARKEN Inventor and businessman, Royal Weeder, inc. 

Comments from Guests - Hipcampers and Glampers:


"Wow! This cabin was so dreamy. I had booked it as a surprise for my husband for his birthday and Father's Day. When we arrived it was raining hard, but that didn't stop us from exploring and trying out the outdoor tub. It was lightly sprinkling when we got in the tub and it was great! Saturday, it didn't rain and we went on a 4-mile hike to the Brown Mountain Shelter on the PCT, and that was really neat to see. When we got back we enjoyed a nice fire and then came inside to play card games. We woke up to a beautiful sunny Sunday! We enjoyed our coffee on the deck,  watching the birds and squirrels eat before heading home to our girls. We'll definitely recommend this cabin to anyone looking for a nice getaway. Thanks for having an awesome place for people to enjoy!" 

Andy and Brianna, June, 2022

"It was too rainy to camp this weekend so I was looking for a cozy place to hang out and this cabin ended up being perfect! I love the big deck, plentiful windows, and all the light fixtures. (I've stayed in many a dark cabin and appreciate the lights!) I really enjoyed watching the birds and squirrels at the feeder. So peaceful here - I will stay here again!"

—Cheryl, June, 2022

"This place is beautiful! You've made the cabin so perfect and cozy.

We walked to the lake bed meadow and walked down to Doe Island and saw a Bald Eagle!

It was protecting its nest from Ravens. The wildlife here is amazing. I'm an amateur birdwatcher and we saw so many species. Thank you so much for this place -- it was exactly what we needed to feel more creative and connected to the Earth."

Zoe, May 2022

"This was a lovely stay! thank you for letting us use this space. The stars at night were great and the outdoor tub is a great addition. Not to mention all the beautiful nature just right outside...thank you again! 

Sierra & Bob, May 2022

"Dear Kit and Chris,  What an idyllic—and productive— few days I had at the cabin. My psyche and my novel are much improved. You've created a warm, welcoming haven for creatives or anyone in need of a reset. I especially loved taking baths at dusk in the tub, listening to the pines shushing. And the Papasan chair is like a big hug!

Thank you for all the many thoughtful touches you've incorporated —the deck, the shower, the fire pit, and BBQ. I'm so happy I got to be here. I'll be back! My social media feeds are full of pictures and links and my writer friends are eager to visit Owl Creek cabin!"

—Eleanor, June, 2020

"Thank you for giving us access to the most perfect rest stop for our road trip home to California. For its small size, Owl Creek Cabin has so much to offer and we thoroughly enjoyed doing all of it: taking a relaxing hot soak in that outdoor tub; eating popcorn by the fire; walking across quiet meadows that smelled like grapefruit and sunshine; playing cards in the loft; and enjoying coffee on the deck, seeing the wildlife, from a baby deer to chipmunks. All these treasures in less than 24 hours! No doubt we will be back on yet another trip to see our parents in Oregon.

You have something truly magical here!"

Heidi and Colin, July, 2020

"Our stay at the cabin was everything we were hoping for, and more. We appreciated your help and conversation as we were getting the truck up the hill. And the cabin itself was perfect for playing board games, celebrating the holidays with fondue, and snowshoeing to the meadow and beyond. The little touches were what stood and the most. I enjoyed biscotti with our morning tea, Scrabble, and blankets to warm up after roasting hot dogs by the fire. I also appreciated the full complement of books and writers guides. If, and when, I do publish my book, this is where I will come to celebrate, and start the next one. Thanks for a wonderful stay."

Ben and Corinne, December, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cabin with us for New Years Eve! What a marvelous place to wake up to in the New Year!

— Katy and David


"Thank you for sharing your wonderful cabin with us! It was a wonderful anniversary getaway—just what we needed." 

—Keith and Andrea, January, 2021

"What a beautiful retreat that anchored my spirit, allowed for inspired flow, and brought peace to my sometimes hurried mind. As a fellow writer, I definitely enjoyed this little gem that you’ve built. Thank you Kit and Chris for a wonderful stay. I’ll be back!"

—Bryant, January, 2021

"Thank you for your hospitality and allowing people to experience your beautiful cabin and property. The peace and quiet are huge for me and this place was perfect. The fire pit by the creek was perfect! I guess perfect is the word here. I do a lot of solo trips to soul search, find myself, or just enjoy life. This is much more than a weekend getaway for me, and for that, I thank you for opening this cabin to me and others."

—Johnny,  January, 2021

"Thank you so much for the amazing hospitality in this perfect cabin getaway. The hard work that was put into this creation shows immensely. We came from San Diego, heading to Bend and this was the perfect stop in-between. The snow makes it even more magical —but we can’t wait to return over summer. Thanks again for everything!"

— Kate and Chris, February, 2021

"What a great stay. It snowed on the first night, erasing all signs of people walking paths. It was a delight being in solitude and removed from the rest of the world. This was a great place to decompress and reset. I’ll be sharing this cabin with friends and will hold onto the memory for a long time."

— Ben, March, 2021

"This weekend was fantastic and so relaxing. Exactly what my husband and I were in desperate need of. The view is gorgeous, and the setup in the cabin is so cozy and creative! We are looking forward to coming back to see how the renovations turn out, and because it was a great way to reconnect and bond in a peaceful setting. Thank you so much for sharing your cabin with us, it was a great experience."

— Alex and Tracy, March, 2021

"Thank you so much for all the help you gave us with our car and for driving us up your driveway. We felt so welcomed and thankful! We absolutely loved sitting outside and admiring your beautiful property! 1000% recommending your amazing cabin to anyone who will listen!"

—Alex, March, 2021


"Had a sweet and cozy stay! Loved the bed, sunlight and trees through the windows and adorable chipmunk neighbors. We had a wonderful time grilling around the campfire and exploring Ashland during the day. Thanks Kit & Chris!"

—Amber and Kalong, April, 2021

"Thank you so much for letting me stay in your beautiful cabin. It was the perfect place to just be and reflect on life. You guys were great hosts and I will recommend your cabin to many people. Thank you again!"

—CALISTA, November 2019

"Thank you so much for letting us stay in your cozy cabin. You've made such a beautiful place here and is so welcoming. We slept great after a day of driving and loved hanging out by the fire. We're excited to explore down the road as you suggested and take in more of the refreshing air."

—EMILY and HARRY, November 2019


"The Owl Creek cabin is a tiny little haven. Kit and Chris have done a beautiful job building this beautiful retreat. The bed is comfortable and cabin cozy. The firepit really brings it all together! Kit was helpful and welcoming when we arrived and otherwise respected our privacy. I know this cabin will inspire all those who find themselves within its walls. Loved it!"

—RUBY and NOAH, November 2019


"My boyfriend and I had a wonderful night’s stay at the Owl Creek cabin. Kit provided detailed driving directions and met us upon arrival. There was fresh snow on the ground and Kit had shoveled us a path for us and made sure the cabin was warm and cozy. We’d love to come back and stay here again!"

—MISSY and BRIAN, November 2019


"I found the Owl Creek Cabin through Hipcamp which I hadn’t used before and a friend recommended. I was planning a trip from Monterey to Portland and Ashland is the best halfway point to stay the night. The pictures of the cabin drew me in. I was looking for a place that was quiet and peaceful outside of Ashland. When I arrived it was exactly what I was hoping for. It was nice to be in a such a secluded environment with all of the comforts. When I woke up in the morning, I walked outside to take in the morning air and interesting to say, the first sound I heard was an owl. Kit was a gracious host and made me feel welcome. I look forward to returning next year with my girlfriend."

—RICHARD, November 2019


"A winter wonderland! This Cabin was the perfect getaway that we were looking for. It was absolutely stunning in the snow, we were warm and cozy in it even though it snowed heavily during our stay. It had all the amenities we needed for a 3-day stay. Kit is a very helpful host and he made sure we had everything we needed. Great location for a day trip to crater lake NP. All the roads were plowed leading to the cabin, no issues even after a blizzard."

—SNEHA and BRANDON, December 2019

"This was the perfect stopping point as I drive from Portland into California. After a long day XC skiing at Crater Lake, this cabin gave me warmth and a cozy place to sleep. I marveled at the trees and snow white, listening to Patti Smith's "Just Kids" when making my dinner. It was everything I wanted in a restful night on a long journey. Thank you for your hospitality!"

—ANNIE, December 2019


"Beautiful snowy adventure! Beautiful spot! We had such fun snowshoeing, sledding, and building a snowman on the property! We had wonderful camp fires and listened to an owl hoot in the evening. The cabin stayed super cozy and was beautiful. Kit was so welcoming and provided us with a bunch of wood for the camp fire."

—HOLLY, December, 2019

"Inspires creativity! We had the most incredible weekend getaway in the snow! Kit and Chris have the cutest little cabin in the back of their property. It's clean, eco friendly and inspires creativity! I was so relaxed I stayed up late into the night writing and drawing. It turned into an writing adventure for me! The warm hospitality, surrounding wilderness and evening fires made it one of the best trips we've had in a long time. Highly recommended. We'll definitely be returning!"

—MICHAEL, December, 2019

"This is a truly calming anD comfortable space. It is exceptionally built and the surroundings are inspiring. Having some time here, in this adorable cabin nestled between towering, snow-covered trees, satisfied my need to be back in nature and kickstarted that urge to be outside more. For my sister and I, this space was especially great. It allowed us to have time together much in the same way we would at home. We are endlessly appreciative and thankful that you share this lovely space and gorgeous property with others. Thank you."

—RACHEL & SYDNEY, February 2020

"We had an amazing experience for a Valentines Day getaway. Kit and Chris have built an incredible gem tucked away from the world. My wife and I had two days of peace and solitude at the cabin while we only a short drive from a snow park and lake resort. The cabin was beautifully designed and had everything we needed. Would love to come back during the summer to enjoy the fire pit and warmer weather."

—ZACH & LESLIE, February 2020


"Literally, the perfect writer's retreat. As an author with a new book underway, I had selected this place not knowing it was owned by and created for the writer in mind. It's got everything you need to stay comfortable and creative, and nothing you don't.  The only thing that could really make this place better would be a soaking or hot tub, but I was told as I left that it's in the works ;) It feels wonderful knowing that such a valuable resource exists close by when I need to get away and let the pen hit the page."

—REN, February, 2020

"My boyfriend and I had a wonderful stay in the Owl Creek Cabin this weekend. The cabin is private and beautifully crafted next to a stream with lakes within walking distance. Kit was a great host. We would definitely come back this summer!"

—SUSANNAH, February, 2020

"Thanks for opening your space for others to experience calm, serenity this cabin brings. The thoughtful touches throughout brings a sense of comfort. A beautiful experience to get away from the hustle and bustle of Portland. Bring on the soaking tub this Spring and Summer!;)  Thanks again."

—DAVID & MEG, March, 2020


"Thanks so much! We enjoyed your tiny cabin a great deal. The quiet ad calm were just what we were hoping for and needed. Hope to come back when it's warmer and we can sit by the fire at night."

—ELLEN, March, 2020

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